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We have been manufacturing precast concrete systems, sewage treatment and pre-treatment devices and decorative concrete elements for the past 20 years.

BEWA is a Polish enterprise established in 1993. Initially it was manufacturing minor concrete elements. As of 1995 the company started to specialise in the manufacturing of devices that separate rainwater and process water as well as pre-treat domestic sewage. Our dynamic development was made possible by recognition gained for the offered products and services and enables systematic expansion of outlets - currently BEWA products are well recognised both on the domestic and foreign markets.
The stable position on various markets allowed the expansion of the product portfolio in BEWA’s offer. Company operation was expanded by products from the House & Garden sector and Waste Management sector, which are addressed at individual customers and housing communities. BEWA products are appreciated by diverse customers, such as self-governments, housing communities, developers, public utilities departments and private institutions. We assure an individual approach to each order and complete technical consultancy with respect to provided services.

Our speciality is the manufacturing of

precast concrete and reinforced concrete elements applied for construction of foul and rainwater sewers

devices for pre-treatment of process sewage

devices for treatment of domestic and process sewage

sewage pumping plant

closed water circuits

rainwater pre-treatment devices

custom made precast elements

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The detailed inspection of the ready product is carried out in the Quality Control Department by staff members with high qualifications. All measurements are made on attested specialist measuring equipment on the basis of adopted internal research methodology and European quality standards.

Our products have been provided with relevant technical approvals

INSTAL Centre of Research and Technology Development of Installation (manholes)

Road and Bridge Research Institute (manholes)

Environment Protection Institute (separators , sewage treatment plants, bioreactors, sedimentation traps)

Opinion of the Central Mining Institute concerning possibilities of application on mining areas (manholes)

Our products meet the highest production standards confirmed by the TUV certificate and have been distinguished by numerous awards and distinctions

Bewa Biok 2, 4, 8,12, 16 containerised domestic sewage treatment plant

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